Volunteer of the Month

Volunteers hold a special place in the heart of Tuxedo Brothers staff members; without them our events would not run smoothly. Without our volunteers water wouldn't be passed out, triathletes would run the wrong way, bikers wouldn't have their bibs on correctly, and our 5K runners would all get the wrong shirts. Volunteers are the glue holding each of our special events together. This is the space we get to thank them!

Volunteer of the Month: December

Richard Clapp

Photo Credits: Jeff Coates, True North Photography
Check out more great photos by Jeff at truenorth360photogallery.com

Volunteer at: Multiple Tuxedo Brothers events

About Richard:

Richard Clapp is from the Indianapolis area. He has been volunteering with Tuxedo Brothers for about ten years! His favorite events are triathlons. He feels they are very rewarding events to volunteer at. Spotlight on Nursing and Wine at the Line are a couple of other events he really enjoys. When he is not volunteering at numerous Tuxedo Brothers events, Richard’s hobbies include listening to classical music, reading inspiring books, and going on tours that include Midwest and West attractions. Richard has traveled to Iceland and greatly appreciates their culture. He says that Icelandic Codfish is his favorite food! In reference to his volunteer experiences, Richard says, “I enjoy doing events with Tuxedo Brothers- where events are well organized and volunteers are appreciated”.

Thank you Richard for being an outstanding Indianapolis volunteer!