Can't make it to the race? Climb VIRTUALLY from January 17 - 31! We'll even mail your shirt to you!

At the end of January, we'll send you a link to submit your total results.

If participating virtually, be sure that you

Challenge yourself to climb as much as you can, and track your progress in the following ways:
- Flights
- Stairs
- or Total time

Here are some ways you can climb:
- Step mill
- Stair climber
- Jacob's Ladder
- Outdoor stairs
- Parking garage stairwell
- Permitting indoor facility*

*Gaining permission to use any public/private facility is the responsibility of the registrant.

Shirt Mailing

If you are competing VIRTUALLY, your shirt will be mailed late-January! We will mail to the address you registered with, and will NOT re-shipped if sent to an incorrect address. THE DEADLINE TO UPDATE/CONFIRM YOUR ADDRESS is January 27! If necessary, e-mail

Submit Your Results (optional)

Want to see how you stack up against your competition? Track your effort from January 17-31 and submit your results to us!

Results can be submitted for the following categories*:
- Total flights climbed (use 12 steps/flight, if estimating)
- Total stairs climbed
- Total minutes spent climbing

*A link to submit your results will be posted here, on January 17!

Submitting results is 100% optional, but we would love to hear how you did!

Final results will be posted on February 2 to

Please note: Awards will not be offered for virtual participants.

For sponsorship inquiries, contact Meg Osborne at!