Indy Sprint Tri #2

July 9

Indy Sprint Tri #3

August 13


Annual USAT Members (BLUE COLUMNS)

Participants who are annual USAT members are only responsible for the current base entry fee, shown in the blue columns.

1-day USAT Members (RED COLUMNS)
If you are not a USAT annual member you will be required to pay an additional $15. This fee covers your USAT single event (1-day) pass. Once you pay this fee, you are covered for the event.

Purchase a membership
Annual ($50) and 1-day ($15) memberships can be purchased DURING the event registration process.

thru Feb. 28

Race Week

Race Day
USAT Member
USAT Member
USAT Member
USAT Member
- Triathlon
- Duathlon
- Tri (2-3 ppl)
- Du (2 ppl)

Those under 21, over 64, or in the military, will receive $5.00 off when registering.

*Age on 12/31/2022

*You MUST show photo ID when picking up your packet. If you are a USAT Member, you MUST show your USAT card. You may NOT pick up another person's packet - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Refund/Transfer Policy

Event may be cancelled, delayed or reformatted due to weather, water conditions, public safety, or other emergencies. Refunds are ONLY given for the following exceptions:

  • Serious medical problem
  • Military service
  • Funeral, etc.

If one of the above pertains, the following refunds may be provided*:

- Refund, minus $10 if notified at least one week in advance

- Refund, minus $15.00 if notified within one week of the event

- Refund of 50% of entry fee if notified after completion of the event

Participant may pay a transfer fee to another event OR another person**:

- $10.00 if notified at least one week in advance

- $15.00 if notified the week of the event

* Does not include any online fees from

**Plus additional cost of other event if it applies. Not applicable after the completion of the event.

For sponsorship inquiries, contact Meg Osborne at!