Pre-Race Instructions

Please review the information below, as it is very important for participants to know!

Detailed Pre-Race Instructions will be e-mailed to everyone on Thursday, July 25.


Participant Bib #s will be available to review AFTER 9:00pm on Friday, July 26.

If you register AFTER 9:00pm on Friday, July 26, you will NOT be included in the link below. Your bib # will be assigned at packet pickup on Saturday or Sunday.

Once available, they will be posted to the following link ----> View Bib # Assignments


The start/finish point is located at Celebration Plaza in White River State Park (downtown Indianapolis).

Address: 801 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.



Vehicles are recommended to use the following options:

- Street Parking
- IUPUI Riverwalk Garage – $7
- White River State Park Garage – 3 hrs - $8, 3-6 hrs - $15, 6+ hrs $40
- Indianapolis Zoo - $8

For more information on downtown parking options, click here.


We'll be doing a pre-race meeting at 6:45 AM in the transition area. This meeting will review the latest updates for the course and rules. All participants are strongly encouraged to be checked in and have their gear set up in the transition area before this time. Do NOT arrive to the race site after 7:00 AM, as it will be too late!


Teams may consist of 2 or 3 members. and are for the Olympic Relay ONLY! Teams will compete in a relay format (one swimmer, one biker, one runner). Teams will have separate area in the transition area, look for the TEAM sign on race morning.

Each team must exchange their ankle strap/timing chip. Awards will be presented to the top three teams in three categories: All male, all female and co-ed.


The transition area will be the grassy area in Celebration Plaza (at White River State Park). Only participants and race officials will be allowed inside this area. Bike racks will be set up and participants will be assigned to the racks by numeric order. You must return your bike to the assigned rack before you begin the run portion.

The transition area will open at 6 AM and will be disbanded at 11:30 AM. The race organization is not responsible for bikes and equipment left in the transition area after 11:30 AM.


Each participant will receive a MyLaps ankle strap with timing chip. Make sure you have this in place before the race starts. NO TAG - NO TIME!

A $10 fee will be charged for lost/unreturned ankle straps. Please remove your ankle strap IMMEDIATELY after finishing and return it to the finish line volunteers. If you do not attend the race, you must return your ankle strap to Runners Forum (620 Station Drive) by Wednesday, August 3.


All duathletes will begin together on the walkway directly in front of the NCAA building. Start time will be 7:45AM.


The swim starts take place in the Canal, to the northeast of White River State Park. We will start each person individually on a 'time-trial start' we will use a short platform to allow you to jump into the water (NO DIVING - feet first only).

- Olympic Distance - 7:30am
- Sprint Distance - 8:30am

We are starting people based on their swimming abilities - thus the fast swimmers (fish) will go first then 'above average' , 'average' , 'below average', then the ' swim like a rock' will go last. This will help alleviate a lot of passing in the canal.
We will post approximate starting times at a few days before the event so you will have a better idea when exactly you will start.

NOTE: You will need to walk/jog/run to the start line of each swim start - please arrive early enough to make it to the start line! We will have a gear-check table for your shoes and other belongings at the Olympic swim start ONLY. This gear will be brought back to the start/finish areas - look for signs. We will have portable toilets at the Olympic Distance start only (not the sprint).

Important Course Instructions!

Each year, there is always confusion on the TURN MARK for the second loop of both the bike course and the run course. Please take a little time and review the maps so you are better prepared when you arrive. It is always helpful to look at the layout of the transition area when you arrive so you know the flow. REMEMBER - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBITY TO KNOW THE COURSE!


Bike Instructions

When you see these signs on the BIKE COURSE (at about the 12 mile mark) - you are finishing the first loop.

If you are doing the SPRINT or the DUATHLON, you will need to make a sharp RIGHT turn and head back to the transition area.

If you are doing the OLYMPIC or TEAM DISTANCE, you will need to stay left and continue for a second loop.

NOTE: the CUT OFF time for the Olympic Bike portion for the first loop is at 9:45AM - anyone that has not made it onto the second lap by this time will be forced to return back to the transition area.

Run Instructions

When you see this sign on the RUN COURSE (just before the 3 mile mark)- you are finishing the first loop.

If you are doing the SPRINT or the DUATHLON, you will need to GO STRAIGHT to the finish.

If you are doing the OLYMPIC or TEAM DISTANCE, you will make a sharp RIGHT TURN and continue for a second loop.


All events have cut-off times. For safety reasons and city permit time limits we must follow the below guidelines. Anyone that cannot finish their event within the time frame must withdraw from the competition.

The Swim venue will CLOSE at 9:30AM

The SECOND Loop of the BIKE COURSE will CLOSE at 9:45AM - any Olympic distance athlete still on the first lap will be sent back to the transition area on Blackford Street.

The entire BIKE COURSE will close at 10:30AM

The RUN COURSE will close at 11:45AM



The USA Triathlon competitive rules will be enforced. It is the participant's responsibility to know the rules of the sport. Click here for more information.


Please review our USAT Rules tab. You are responsible for knowing these!